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This forum is used as a platform for the buyers and sellers of the Candy Classifieds to communicate .




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    Post by Admin on Fri Jan 20, 2017 12:03 pm

    Below is some information from our Help page to provide you with a better idea on how to spot a fraudulent seller:

    h3]- Ask you to wire money into on International account. Seller may ask you to send payment overseas and will only accept Western Union or another money transfer service (e-Gold).
    - List an address that is different from the address on their item detail page.
    - Recommend an unfamiliar escrow or payment service.
    - Not be up front about the authenticity of items for sale.
    - Will not provide you a verifiable telephone number.
    - Try to convince you not to use payment services which offer protection (accepted services are those like & PayPal).
    - Will repeatedly not answer phone calls or email.
    - Continuously provide excuses about why you haven't received an item.
    - Sell suspect copies of software, music, or videos.
    - Refuse to give you a working shipment tracking number.
    - Sell an expensive popular item at a suspiciously low price.
    - Try to convince you to first communicate outside of Candy Classifieds by listing their email address or their web page address in the item's description

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